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What's New
Ocean TV is continually striving to improve its products, and to stay ahead of competing brands.  While some improvements can't be seen, like software improvements, others can, like newly designed radomes..  Also we are constantly added new accessories to make installing an Ocean TV System easier and better.

Recent Improvements

l New dish weighting system on O37M and O45M, makes the dish more stable when actually tracking.

l Minor improvements in embedded software, faster locking on of satellite

l Aluminium Cams on dish tilt mechanism, replaced with new lighter nylon cams. Saves weight and no corrosion.

l Introduction of new 12vdc Free to Air Satellite Receiver. Smaller, has ability to record and IR Extension as standard.

l Introduction of the new "Ocean TV Certified" Tag.  This means the product or accessory has been tested and certified by Ocean TV.



NEW Products

OceanStrut - Introduction of new range of OceanStrut Satellite and Radar Mounts. The struts are custom manufactured in the USA for Ocean TV, and  feature new adapter plates designed and manufactured in Australia, to suit all Radar, and Satellite TV Antennas.  More information

l OceanHDMI - Flat HDMI Cables.  As part of of accessories line we have introduced new Super High Quality HDMI Cables that are flat.  Easy to make tight bends and take up far less room when running behind items in boats and House Boats.   More  Information


 3M HDMI Flat cable High Speed With Ethernet

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